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Jon Axelrod 
           July 2007- April 2009

This project is an attempt to experience the cosmic energy that is reaching earth, as an audible signal for the interconnected orchestrations of the cosmic energy. The sequence begins with the fluctuation of different types of cosmic radiation in the form of protons and electrons from the sun and the magnetic fields of the Earth. The goal is to reveal how energy from our star interacts with magnetic field of the earth. This resulting dynamic creates a unique force that becomes something recognizable as a pattern when the forces are each analyzed then combined.  The experiment from April 2008 best illustrates this interaction.

             The data is collected by the Goes satellites and is available in from the national space and weather center. This information is translated into an X/Y plot that is converted into a precise pitch by establishing spectral a midrange that is congruent with the midrange of the cosmic flux in order to overlap 2 or more energies into an transformed sequence of data with as little artifacts as possible. In this way the electromagnetic energy is converted into acoustic vibrations that are then analyzed and transformed into a digital MIDI music file. This project thereby combines the forces of cosmic energy and the shielding protective force of the earth, syncopated together into a sound that reveals an underlying inter-woven phrasing structure of the interplanetary radiation. In some of the experiments each source of energy is given a certain instrument and they are combined into a whole so as to create a group of instruments that play together simultaneously.
         Here are some of the audio files
July 8-17th 2007
July 14-17 2007 Electrons, Protons, Magnetism and X-rays
August 2007 Sound transcribed into painting   Click here for image of Painting
August 2007
April 7-9 2008 Clarinet=earth, Piano=Sun

The intention of this project is to produce sound waves in which the midrange of audible pitch is congruent with the midrange of cosmic radiation. Energies are translated into pitch modulations independently and then re-syncopated.  I began to analyze weather during the middle of July 2007 which was when I first decided to begin this project. The transformation of electromagnetic energy from beyond the surface of the earth into sonic energy is not a new idea. The SETI program is an experimental attempt to find intelligent signals from outer space through radio telescopes. What makes my project different is how I am transforming the data into midi files as musical notations with a form of granular quantization whereby the continuous stream of sonic energy is broken into parts that create a musically cohesive structure revealing each change in energy as a note. Also by combining individual types of energy and matching up the start times after analysis a new form of observation is realized. In some cases these forces are in fact just different parts of the same spectrum of electromagnetic energy (besides electrons and protons) but no one would disagree that they are discrete forces.

This project is inspired by the Hubble telescope images which are also composites with illustrations of energy that we cannot see, not just because it's too far but because the force is not visible to our eyes Hubble Scientists use an artificial color placed in the proper location of space to describe these energies. This is one reason the Hubble images are so breathtaking, the very pinnacle of optical engineering relies on artistic intuition to decide what color stands for each field of invisible gas and energy. This sound project is inspired by this process, the sounds themselves are replacements for an inaudible fluctuation of energy, these sounds have been edited by me with algorithms that quickly process and cleanly stretch out the sounds into a musical experience that is actually sped up quite a lot, thousands of times. With a twelve tone multiple octave system of limits. Based on the middle ground of human perception and the middle of each different form of radiation collected by multiple satellites, of known experienced cosmic radiation levels.

We call the sound of wind the wind, even though it is the structure of the wind tunnel that is necessary to cause vibrations resulting in sound waves, without a tunnel there is no sound but there could still be wind none the less. What I have tried to design is a way to hear the wind tunnel which is the interplanetary magnetic field and the Earths magnetic field as well as the fluctuation of the solar winds. The sounds are also somewhat filtered through the laws of harmonics which can be seen as a natural result of wave diffraction and resonance, thereby entering into the subjective experience of the human ear and the objective mathematics of harmonics. This is done in order to better understand the patterns and forces of nature that are unknown to us but are affecting us. The sounds are altered as little as possible but they become more coherent so as to be seen as a language we can hear and understand. It is likely that the forces created by the earths mantel could create a unique filter through which a pattern can be realized that directs life into the proper form based on the mutagen's effects of this filtered cosmic radiation. There are many theories that this project can initiate.

 I believe as well as some Astrobiologists that alternations of electromagnetism of a distant cosmic origin alter our evolution. The astronomers < st1:city w:st=on>< st1:place w:st=on>Adenand Marjorie Meinel have pointed out an extremely significant observation, the simultaneous bombardment of the earth by cosmic rays during a key point in human evolution 40,000 years ago. This seems to be strong evidence of cosmic radiation as a driving force of evolution. I would like to propose some other theories along similar lines. I theorize that this force has a interconnected underlying structure, a manifold for producing life within the limitations of our suns energy and the composition of the mantel. As a form of determinism that could hypothetically drive evolution along a time line congruent with the development of the earth’s core. This force is a field, one that modulates as a orchestration of the dampening forces of colliding radiation; it could be a cause for punctuated equilibrium. As an evolutionary influence this cosmic energy might create precise mutations among individuals and thus alter the appearance of species over time or once every 200 thousand years or so when the magnetic field reverses.
            When cosmic rays mutate our DNA, it could carry these errors with it as copies that may someday be unlocked, thereby becoming an advantage by the new circumstances we face. Organisms that have remained the same might have a resistance to these mutating forces, or it is possible that the mutating force has already altered theses organisms to their respective forms in a predetermined sequence of evolution, caused by exterior influences form many sources, possibly X-ray, radiation which is the strongest mutagen. I believe that there is no truly random process because there are always influencing factors that determine some result, not necessarily precisely but to an extent to remove total randomness. In this way the sequencing of DNA may be directed by non-audible harmonics, in that the sequence is reconfigured with a lesser number of variables than total randomness. The human body already contains harmonic proportions and it may be shown that this is due to form function influences of practicality, or that there is something about the way in which DNA is encoded and replicated with a limitation to the patterns which are the result of harmonics. It may be shown someday that transcription is simply impossible with totally random sequences, which would lead to a lack of an ability to replicate with accuracy. If so there would be a pattern to the mutations. If the mutagen's affects of cosmic radiation occur in syncopated intervals which are modulated by the earth, then each planet may have a DNA code writing force that will influence what life forms develop on each planet, considering that life may develop on planets not strictly identical to ours.

     Another significant point is the time based processes of DNA transcription. If the discrete pulses of radiation occur during DNA replication then the pattern of the cosmic rays could be written in the DNA code as it is being copied. There fore it may be possible that this mutation could be affected by mathematical, non-audible intervals of radiation. There are undoubtedly many well trained scientists looking at the human genome to determine if there is any order to it and what the differences and similarities are between our code and others. However, the complexity of the process by which the code creates Proteins and amino acids that then have secondary consequences, means that it will take a huge amount of time to find a pattern. Or there will be no clear pattern that we could look at, if there was we could hypothetically look forward into it. It may just be shown that natural selection will make or break any design and it is the final determination of success or failure whatever the genetic process. No doubt had < st1:city w:st=on>< st1:place w:st=on>Darwinknown of DNA and how the same sequences of genes have profound physiological and psychological consequences across the animal kingdom; would he not just say that it is interesting but it is still natural selection that makes or breaks each design. The question remains how did these patterns or codes arise in the first place. Where does chance and pattern separate? It may be possible to conduct an experiment to test this hypothesis. If one monitored the process of DNA transcription so that one would know exactly when the process of transcription began one could syncopate a pulse of radiation with a distinct pattern and see if there could be a possible expression in the genes that would result in a certain amino acid. The vital part is in finding out if this experiment could be repeated to produce the same gene mutation, re-sequenced again by a certain pattern of X-ray pulses. If so, I believe that it would mean that certain genes could be created that have as of yet unknown expressions. The mathematical regularity of the pattern seen in either whole number intervals or even ratios would show that the input of radiation has a musical property and that DNA that creates intelligent life is built upon with these sequences. However, the fast process of transcription may be too quick to be affected by cosmic rays, which my change too slowly to cause a mutation in this way.        
            I considered briefly the deterministic belief that this idea to turn inaudible energy into sound with a rational and logical system might have been predetermined by the very energy that I chose to analyze. An interesting recursive situation that is improbable. The current theory is that the mutations are random but with the occasional lucky moment. I believe that there is more to it than that, I believe that the harmonic proportions of life forms aren't simply modeled by mutation and natural selection but by the ways in which energies interact through resonance, harmonics, diffraction and dampening thereby removing the random nature of these mutations. I believe this creates a possible place for investigations into sacred geometry as a numerological influence on evolution aside from pure form function arguments driven by natural selection and the randomness of mutation.

One might say that it is possible but what difference does it make, it is likely to be a combination of many factors and out of our ability to comprehend.  I propose a counter argument, we have this code within us, you could say the very meaning of life is to preserve the DNA. That is, to continue making sure the body can make the best copies it can. But what if we could improve these copies, literally change our DNA by the interactions of mathematical harmonics, both auditoraly and visually. It has already been shown experimentally that exposure to some forms of music can increase intelligence or can inhibit growth. If this is the case one could make an ethical argument for or against certain actions, activities, substances, objects and forces. If every decision we make is changing our code for the better or worse, a type of free will arises that Spinoza would be interested in. However, it is believed that we cannot alter our DNA that we are born with a code we cannot alter, unless we damage it can mutate it thereby creating cancer, If this is the case I believe it is possible that we can help it. Not simply to avoid creating errors but to remove certain random occurrences in the code. It is believed that we are composed of these cells that are only negatively affected by energy, but what if it is also inversely true, that the cells can be pleased by certain things, not in a spiritual way but by the nature of harmonic motion which alters the structures of compounds and thereby increases the organization to the bodily functions. It is possible that the very comprehension of certain thoughts, of whole numbers, even ratios, and harmonic proportion can increase the cognitive dexterity to increase the electrical impulses of the mind and body. The only way for truly complex art to be created is with a large amount of accurate placement and a certain amount of mathematical regularity, or else the mind will not be able to perceive of very much, it will be seen but it wont be perceived. The difference lies in how much the mind can retain per unit of time. There by increasing the electrical impulses of the mind.

What if there is a process that occurs in the mind and body that has arisen in us, that connects the regenerative forces of the body with the visual apparatus of the mind. In that, the brain receives signals from the outside and processes the information in such a way that it can be sent out to the cells of the body to reconfigure their arrangement. This would have a beneficial consequences and if it could occur in a mutation then it could be a preserved in successive generations. There are many ways in which this would be a benefit. For example, some organisms produce winter coats upon contact with the cold, not simply due to timing. So the mind can create a physiological reaction to an exterior stimulus that is mentally perceived. We only know something is hot when the brain tells us it is hot, after receiving input from the nerve cells which by themselves don't know what is hot. I propose that this is evidence that these organisms can go though drastic changes through external stimulus.

This leads to an interesting recursive phenomena, if the code of DNA has an ability to become modified by actions not predetermined in the code; the code then moves into a metaphysical realm and outside of a physically limited structure. And if the mind can modify the code, again through a metaphysical process the consciousness becomes aware of the transformative potential inherent in growth and development. In effect we could modify our cells through the observations of light/color, sound/vibration, and through movements, and ultimately through the contemplation on these phenomena.

           This text is meant to be a theoretical work that is intended to open new pathways of thought about the universe and of life itself. The concept of evolution is still not completely under stood and it may never be understood to an extent, such as with other phenomena in nature like the mind or randomness itself. In the study of this radiation and of the psychological affects of perceiving it and art itself, I began to believe that there hidden factors that underlie life. I believe that the process of looking at art is not limited to just making one feel good psychologically but may play an important role in development by altering the DNA. The observation and experiments that I have done with the cosmic sound project provided the inspiration for the exploration into genetics. Although I have been particularly interested in nature and have studied many different nature field guides out of an interest in speciation. The cosmic sound project was possibly inspired by the work of others who have been listening to radio waves from extra terrestrial origin such as the SETI program. And also it may have been inspired by the art style of Dada which takes non artistic things and brings them into an art venue, in this case cosmic radiation into a primarily art related website such as this. Ultimately the music is a form of Serial composition that relies on the transformation of data into sound. The connection between radiation and mutation was a rather easy link to be made so I wasn’t surprised that other people are engaged in this research. I am interested in where the current research in genetics is headed and I hope that by placing these somewhat radical theories on the web I may help people think differently about life, and also avoid any criticism because I am not taking up anyone’s space in a scientific periodical of sorts. I believe that it is important to contribute to the development of knowledge and that through the advancement of knowing ourselves we will advance the quality of life as a whole.