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Selected poems

The sky

Floating on a pasture of sound

lifted sine curves entwine,

touching with the mind before contact,

still awaiting proof that the unbelievable happened

all spun into a interwoven sculpture of the fantastical.


The dipolar opposites unite end to end before entwining.

The energy spreads out long tendrils, stepping across a doorstep of time.

Researching the future. 


The sound reflection of a shape, burning and sizzling with a chemical reaction

As the resonance changes the birds come uncomfortably close

Within an chamber with tributaries of chambers

crags of rock leak, creating dendrites between crystal faces, compressed to 60,000 atmospheres.

Intervals of atmospheric density alter the velocity of a traveling sound wave,
creating a new sound as the musician travels through matter.

unfurling across the eyelash just before then.

in a transcendent euphoric daydream about our waterfall. 

Of stars


The infinite space around

The floating eyelash catches the breadth on the way down.
The silence that floats through your finger cannot be divided to eternity.
Bottled whispers opened by the sparks in the night, the phone that revealed a hundred years of solitude.
A reflective memory breaks in half at the duality, before flying up through the past.

Towards the light of tomorrow.
As the earth shakes, the volcanoes breathe too quickly and melt into the sea.
A distant flower, brushed up against the passing legs of a traveler,
Left behind
The inside of the mind was a sanctuary for the brook and the bee,
The continual strengthening of the consciousness,
Uncovering the goals of the unforeseeable pendulums.
The magnets combine creating resonance with an abacus carved from physical laws.
The octaves of color twist into a helix within a helix, spun together in opposite rotations.
Magnetic resonance fluctuating in and out of position as the spirals meet and release.


Periodic motions interlock with numerological determinism
so thoughts and motions will increase their rate exponentially.
Each step a calculated Motion,
distanced are doubled,


The fields are strewn with glowing lines of light, spun up into a fire waterfall
it scratches the carbon teeth of a bulldozer.
The mechanical pressure breaks a ton of bricks like butter
The equation for love has endless facets.

The midnight hours mediate between now and then, the breaking point, a space beyond the
backside, around to the underneath of an inside out bottomless edgeless terrain.

Jon Axelrod 2008-2009

Jon Axelrod

Bright lights scrawling through the pines.

Scratches of photosynthetic fingers
Screen through the trees.
The night air evaporates the memories of daylight
With the path of a star.

 The mountains are remnants.
Ancient turbulence resting way down below the crust.
Kimberlitic Tubes crushed by eons of gravity.
Partially melted
Stretched out wide.
The core
The outside of a dream where we cannot remember.
The edges of thoughts,
The thoughts that are of the memory of a thought.
When an idea is remembered because of the time
when it was created.
The most beautiful gift must disappear. 

A pinch of light crumbles before an expectation.
It wobbles around a central core.  

Philosophers decompose their theories
into a crucible of uncertainty leading to progress.
Wasting away the eons in a crystal cave that swept up the edges of humanity.
The dark corner of a babies crib falls apart.  

The particles rearrange their order with out touch,
12 materials, each with a different resonance.
Each is carved by the wind and rain into a shape
unique to this resonance.
Their vibrations are pendulums above Galileoís mind.
The earth broke down, tears leaked out across the Solar system.
A million degrees imagined by the ones with eyes closed. 

A million eyes touched the cliffs but nothing came of it.
Just some anxieties scratched into bluffs with sharp stones.
Just a mathematical map of the things at hand.
drawn with tears and sweat of dirty domesticated animals,
shackled against the cold exterior,
awaiting the future of crushing grain into fluff. 

The powder of a dirty cloud one astronomical unit wide
might one day light up the sky for them.
They perfected their flight plans to accommodate for the shadows of other birds.
With broken open light cups for eyes that are blinded with rapture.
As all the birds watched.

 Jon Axelrod Dec 08-Jan 09

Jon Axelrod

A thousand dreams in a glimpse.
A charm that is edified by time, an infinite jewel like the atmosphere.
A woman

She fell from the night, Dark
But lit from beneath by glowing embers of reflective ice.
A lip that sends out language.

A dark lingering chill outpoured the gem that is unthinkable.
The most beautiful thing cannot be comprehended, it causes instant unconsciousness.
The idea that is darkened from sight by an intense brightness.

Please dream of this,
One thousand billion lights bunched up into your arms.
The heat melts the stars and the universe stands still.
The Galaxy churns and clutches her delicate atoms in collections of protected envelopes. 

Matter and the wind are one.
Liquid air
Chilled, distilled.
Into the evaporated moon sculpture.
A dream pathway into another dimension of sensitivity.
The arms of the world embrace.
Draw the moon through glass etched by a mathematical series.
A working space dedicated to the unknown; there was no plan, just an objective.
It was dark; there was no moon, just many dark stars.
A rush of tears, bent over the mountainside, climbing higher with each octave.
The patterns interlock with a new dream approaching.
A flood, an iceberg in the Caribbean, 1,000 pounds of pressure;
The psychophysical manifestation of a bad dream measured in calories.

A new idea edified by looking long enough.
To walk across her path,
Stopping the work to transform into oil boiled for hours.
Walking backwards breaking the coastline.
The ground was shaking when the heart was lifted, the arms weakened.
The world forced open the mind of a walk way.
A pathway that works inside a whirlpool
Outside a black hole
Inside a galaxy.

Jon Axelrod Jan 2009

Jon Axelrod

Big night time born into a dirt pit.
I dreamt on a moon of Jupiter where I saw the electrodes crackle on the tops of the cliffs, the gravity dropped us into new dimension of time and space. Missing places bent by light residue. Brown light filtered through tears of rain on the equator of earth, the rim, where the bulging mass of aqueous particulates surge with the centrifugal. The tops of the mountains dull with the south eastern winds. From the swamps to the valleys the tendrils swelled at the base before entangling the nymphs and larvae. Bunched up on a warm rock, fallen from the tree limb over the oceanic sandstone bluffs, the tides stained her ankles and left behind something very unfamiliar.

The Unfamiliar was remembered again. Still curious on the outside of speculation, in the middle of doubt. On the evening of 2009 the salts will crystallize into a pattern of orange and blue frosted crystal faces. Each one pointed towards the same direction. 92.3 Degrees south East. On the rim of the moon keeper, who blinks as the oceans crystallize within the shadow of an eclipse, the particles condense into a planet of moderate size, one Au from a small sun that was golden. The secrets are still out there. On the backside of a comet that just rained past a colony of corals below a white sand beach. The broken tree limb attained four barnacles every 3 moons.  

3,000 crickets signaled the beginning of November. The last ant queen was the center of their universe. The sky was beyond one inch from the basin. The slope sent flower pollen into the mouths of chinchillas. The sky suddenly darkens when the cougar casts a shadow that curves across the trunk of 300 pines 400 feet away. On the slope of shale that is the remnants of an undersea land slide. The Burgess monstrosities of nature, unsuccessful asymmetrical invertebrate organisms, they click their legs to signal the coming of the equinox, a shadow watcher, who draws the cosmos with a projected shadow sent through mammoth slits in granite stone walls. The fringe was a fuzzy uncertainty; its color also was irregular, beyond the spectrum, the equipment broke down. A kilobyte of memory was lost. Missing equations convex the stratus clouds by tossing blind travelers into ultra sonic bliss, agitating molecules combine into protein, the falling drips send rhythms through tubes of matter.

Less mobile objects feel the warmth of a thousand years in the desert, concentrated 300 times focused onto a sample within a glass chamber. The findings indicate uncertainty in the possibility to find absolute knowledge.

 Fountains of algae bubbled up through the porous limestone, the mammoth tooth became the entrance to a tortoise burrow which was located under a slash pine oozing with sap that could not burn. Unless the sun dried its nettles into blades of tinder cackling bursting with uncontrollable energy illuminating the eggs of a Luna moth who just passed away after giving birth to a child moth that will flutter in front of a mad man, bringing sanity before tragedy. The eggs were kept warm with embers blackened with carbon from a nuclear blast broken down by bacteria into an unknown structure. The rims of the eye were flat planes that were cliffs around her portal to the soul. The radiating fringes of gene painting.

 Scavenger beetle on Indian beach strewn with tree limbs from Africaís east cost. The claws of a tiger stuck into a branch that floated for miles before becoming lithofied into a sandstone fossil, which caught the eye of a traveling nomad who collected the artifact to decipher its messages. Grains of wood swell in the saline ocean, carved into ice tetrahedrons by the grinding glaciers that cried into the mouths of nematodes.  

 Cave crystals falling like rain, causing avalanches on the outside of a mountain, where the bobcats burrow floods with grains of olivine, encapsulating the pups in green crystal windows. Pouring rain washes away the morning dew into an elixir tainted amber by leaves and babies. Gatherings of nomadic beetles uncover a golden nugget that was connected to a quartz crystal in Siberia. The winds carved tunnels into the hillside, the wind was colder than the ocean, evaporites gather and explode on the floor, ceiling and walls, encrustations filling the mouths of caves until they can no longer be traversed.

 Wild wind chamber. The measured time table unfurls not a single uncertainty. Nothing was left unquestionable. Time was projected like a perfect blue light smeared across the universe. The questions became about questions and knowledge was uncovered perpetually into a contemplation of universal values and judgment. To go out at night without a flashlight is dangerous. It reveals a pathway through the unknown, uncovering a new part of a gigantic whole that is as large as the universe. The glass crumbles around the unattainable, the transparent barrier between thought and action. The ocean of the mind, a laboratory as well, it distills infinite pathways out of a single maze. A perpetual  dream that defies the law of conservation. Seen in the friction caused by moving bodies in collision, the acceleration of these bodies due to unknown causes could cause heavy elements to be created. Ideas

 Her eyes opened the future. Each moment became forever written, a thousand petals that grew in the past. Crumpled flowers darken at the fold, creating lines across her belly, each tear broke the world, each breadth inflated the mind 30%-42% faster, beyond human intelligence, lightning blinks, spasms of empty mouths broken down. Re grown, found along electric currents, purged nightmare, it gathers metal and frays the edge, each pass through the present colored the moment with exhalation, spirals and shells between her tips, molded baby fat for babies, billions of babies gather their toys, paint the walls clear, watch the inside from afar as the curtain of her eyelid makes her forget me. I gather my strength and walk on the edge of a danger. Eyes around the opening, watching the mountains meet, worlds within worlds. Each blue cell or red faun eyebrow nourishes the mountain.

 Nov-Dec 2008

 jon axelrod


Eyes partially closed, suddenly open.

peripheral vision extending beyond the past.


The sadness of awakening

from the best dream


The ideas aren't gone

They crunch up just behind the moment.

Bursting within a blink, behind a blink

After a blink it was all there.


Remembering the potential noise.


Listening to the sounds of water

breaking its molecular bonds.

Amplified by a hollow.


Lining up fractions


splitting time


Opening Dynamics.


Uncontrollable surges of life force,

Spasms of thought explode

unleashing the unknown pathways.

Noise that suggests inertial torque.


Mass of unbelievable scale and precision,

arranged all in order to topple down

in a perfectly organized sequence.

To begin again, in half a second

Rebuilt to be


Fit together

With a hundred clicks snaps and rumblings,

Coming to life in a symphony of joineries.

Smooth cartilaginous interconnections

Dampen the acoustics mechanics of life.


It cries, thrashes about in the swamp, breaks branches.

It listens to its own reality and reacts to a reaction.

As it grows it gains intelligence,

sets the rules and extends order into the silence.

Matching the end with the inverse of the beginning,

The song is alive within the observer, now in multiple

Reference planes.


It took too much force to move with that speed,

to close to the blue violet tip of a light wave. 

The sound was impossible but there it was.

To create that musical pattern one would have to move

too close to the speed of light.

Necessitating more energy than earth receives.

We had to wait for it to reach us, but it was there,

we had to translate it

through a dolphin brain

to understand it.


To feel the forces of the invisible periodic.

To listen to the changing sound of more or less silence between sets of single wavelengths.

It interferes with itself in the future and splits into an exponential spectral wave,

with millions of perfectly arranged dynamics. 

All the notes had the same sound,

the same carrier wave.

But it was distorted, brought closer.

Into a muse that is a ratio of the same emptiness.
The greatest movers are guardians of stillness
with borderlines carved into perturbed matrix.


Theoretically, the stable elements are harmonic oscillators.

There is a half life because it is slowing down.

It speeds up or takes quantum leaps, it gains shells that are patterns of motion.

It doesn't exist, it is mass created solely through wave movement.

The end is stillness, the motions dampened a dark star. 

July 2008

Jon Axelrod 

Tucked beneath the future, the world was shifting, Waiting for a sign

that will never be washed away. But the day became lost, reflected by a moon,
projected down into tomorrow. Only to begin again.
She opened the box, it has no limits, it opens with he morning and awakens urgency.
Only to fold up again and start back over, sewing together thousands of opposite bits.

The sky waits.

The pandas have to wait until the mountains lift, multiplying terra firma into a new dimension.

Igniting the flux of life itself, exploring what the light touches first because every thing is a reflection,
un moved in motion.


It was impossible not to meet, nestled through our time.

She was reflective also, born out of paint and unaware of it.

she saw the shade draw rain shadows that get smaller as they get closer.

When they touch the shadow will be gone.


The course through the clouds made them vanish.

June 2008

jon axelrod

Through cloud light the whispers reach us,

Within the whirlpool of laughter my eyes liquidate her

When the florescent life snaps into my recollection the

Winds chill the Cliff side, and the trees mangle themselves against one another


As the beach sinks down and up with every phase, the scattered static of a dilapidated
world effervesces the existence of a future on earth. 


The chalk cliffs are ancient Caribbean sediments

microorganisms that were

buoyant as outer space satellites. 


We lift, with all of humanity a select and precisely organized arrangement of minerals in order 
to build platforms far above the air. Creatures willing to risk death in order to help humanity 
separate itself from the earth. The collective task of ultimate freedom,

In the face of the slow and gradual pull of gravity. 

We will live long within the spaces between stars.

As protection from the unforgettable pain of nothingness, the saturating void of eternity.  
The relentless force of gravity wants to pull the dimensions back together again.


The wild fires burst oxygen canisters and implode the artificial canister of earth.  Inaudible 
vibration and perpetual motions degrade the living capsule above

nocturnal hourglass watchers. 

The humanoid earth beings have evolved,

Now they are unrecognizable on the forest floor, tendrils for hair, spots on a skin rough with 
leaf litter.  The strength of harmony from all sides, heightening the levitations of babies with 
twinkle eyes and purple teeth. 
A chance for blindness with eyes open. Who could leave the soil behind.

Rabbit face

cloudy because Scattering Electrodes.

unknown out come of drawing the unknown became rift between now and soon. light refracts 
from eye glasses painting spheres of optical analog malfunctioning through the wind cutting 
branches from sucking aphids, enormous herds of protected bug juice farms.  


Eyelid harmony

Split stream through Montana thunder back coldness.

Avalanche of clouds billow above equatorial peninsula.

Harvest of Green sapphire beads of liquid crystal, forged by mechanical goblins thrust into  wind chimes

Dredged through pastures of jubilant fertility, worrisome flowers destroy crystal invisible people dressed in nighttime,
flown into whirl winds of metallic organs. 
Glass eyed nurse, stretched by ladder into Everest blood. 
Flown into a pocket of light by vegetable organisms 
that thrust my cerebral optics into a divine impersonator of celestial mechanisms. 

Contrasting forms implode under the pressure of an infallible void. Marks from a invisible machine

Speeds of expansion create forms, modeled by the friction. 
From the velocity of matter.

October 21 2007

jon axelrod

The landscape is perturbed

Firebugs are now underwater,
bacterial nymphs, larvae poured
through crystal screens of crushed
flint shards garbled half submerged in
near freezing temperatures

Recorded in long sequences of amplified volume.


In its barren disregard for social significances,
the informal act of mythological story telling
melts into the mechanically assisted recycling engine.

Spectrum analysis equipment

Destroyed by overloaded dynamics

Beyond our range


Satellite dish face
talons crunching the fibers of a wooden scaffold.

Soft dust

Sawdust insecticide

On fire

For no reason



December 2007

jon axelrod 

The sky is night

The fire tears liquid from the eye.

Glowing about the pond edge

Born after the golden void

with voids within the limits of a void. 

It spirals into an empty belly chamber nestled in

A fictional poem about freedom


The pretty birds forgot how to sing,

The other birds are shy of being seen


Nature divides the two.


Mesopotamian animal style artists

Donít know the meaning of ecology


Itís the notion of an empty niche. Found between the spiral arms

of a rams horn.

Filled with dung beetle eggs, crushed beneath the heel of

an Antelope

stretched out between the teeth of an cave bear.

Mashed between the toes of an ape

Doused in rainwater evaporated from equatorial glaciers.


Bright green nighttime fog cascades along nightmares doused in fear.   A Whirl pool
itself, and travels in the air above the core of Jupiter.  It releases powerful

electromagnetic energies along the path that build up strength for hundreds of years.
inciting riots among
the creatures millions of miles away. 

Space as we know it could be meaningless. 
The movements from here to there are a fundamental condition of all matter. 
Not everything is composed of matter. 


January 2008 Florida

jon axelrod

Forest symphony

The fires inside are a long scorching chasm between.
The moonlight is sunlight,
on An evening such as this morning
The sky rose and bent in the center.

Who suddenly saw an animal for the first time?

20 extraterrestrial encounters in one evening.

Through the barriers of society the ideas explode
through gates separating an endless number of contexts,
a world of millions of gateways through portals of every ecological niche,
searching for the missing niche between
that allows for consciousness to have
A form that dissolves under the hands when you most desire it. 

A memory lost but some how inflated due to the mystery if its design.
The most tangibly real thing has become the most unknown.
Falling sideways more and more until the wind flips us over onto our backs to watch the sky burn around our entrance.
It was the equivalent of six thousand rhino dreams.
Which required 1500 lbs of rhino brains cast into a bronze mold for remembrance.
The descendants rubbed it for good luck until there was nothing left.

Animals are the prophets.
Who mutated against a boiling sea of obsidian glass
spilled over the swampy jungle lowlands. 
A purple flower mashed into the teeth of a koala,
morning light
becomes layered with yesterdays air
Overlapping stars with tears
Rain from a cave,
From the darkest blue green
Tulips that drank
Number logic.
Sent out into the imagination
As a hundred numbers
Each with a bar above,
Into an infinite division between
Hypothetical information.
The split, the edit, a slice,
A division of space time
That becomes a metronome melted
Into the background

February 2008

jon axelrod

Opalescent metalloid mountain pond below storms of crackling thunder that reach directly Towards the
Magnetic shield spun into audible mechanical hum of the earth
sped up 8640 times.
Elemental substances resonate harmonically pure tones so as to orchestrate music with the essences of matter and reality itself.  
Composed by the flux of cosmic radiation that creates modulations of energy,
Potential music composed by the different kinds of cosmic energy.  X-ray, protons, electrons, and magnetism, colliding in the atmosphere creating unique orchestras of instruments wider than the solar system.  Collected by Satellites, linked to live web data feeds.       

Time opens substances in a unique way revealing the internal structure,

 telling stories with missing places.

The auroras of chord relationships linked into a string coiled around a point in time. 

A quartzite mountain lost in the mountains. 
A vessel that clings to the edge of eternity,
continually perceiving the world for the first time every time with every blink.

July 2007

jon axelrod

Dark eagle scream through the blackness, the cosmic curtain that unfolds dark matter that agitates electrons into orbital complexity,

Highly plastic perspectives of poetry, funnel of energy wound up till gravity unfurls twisting mineral beds stretched and pulled by the sea floor.
Magnetism designates polarities.
Purple bits float near a moss covered wasteland;

giant yellow spores clog leaf cutter ant walkways. 

Strawberry rubber melted and solidified into islands of ink, oil blobs and gigantic glaciers obliterated by everything.  Cascades of Black Mountain silhouettes converge on the nucleus, to feed the wind swept stone faces who grimace with a mouth full of pine tar from bonsai and soothing moss.  Nourishment to satisfy the climbers who lay out beneath the craggy pine splinters and obliterated granite pieces.  The wall divides broken rhythms into repetition, unnatural windows into the metronome exquisiteness.  Mundane shower of ruby throated birds with invisible wings,

buzzing between bamboo shoots.

Rabid animals engaged in mortal escape gatherings. 
Preparing for circular dialog with each other by moon beam photo. 

Slices of flesh flake and fall off the reindeer carcass as boiled,
Fungus is squashed into neutrino lavender gifts for the travelers. 

Silence emanates before and after everything.
Silence reeks
Stone faces divide red flesh and sour tropical venom that floats above the air creating the mirage of movement, mirage of life force. 
In between the stones the young bugs shed their skin, and swell up in the moist damp soil.  The wind carves artifacts and fluid shapes out of rocks, eons pass and the significance of the alive is lost.  Time is a living phantom of shifting invisible and inaudible emptiness. 

Oxygen curls up around everything and oxidizes the surface, time pulls the world apart.  Objects drift and erode into the ground; the soil.

is the wide tongue of the earth.  Absorbing everything under the weight and piles of the future, creating heat and pressure to be melted or even folded.  Everything is falling into the soil right now.  Life is that which can resist this force or perhaps move with its help.  Life can climb above.  The dust that blankets everything leaves behind a history of stratified layers.  Drifting fragments of a once whole compound are spread out across our great curved abyssal plane.  Geography is what was left behind after the noise of erosion. Rivers of the fallen tips, chips and bits, wish to return to their whole,

They must wait until the universe contracts, reversing all actions back towards the point of origin.

Fossilized Dinosaur tongue entangled in poisonous vines.

Fallen life matter finally touches the ground
embedding bacteria into the flesh, between the shifting plates. 
Organized movements send shock waves that initiate breaks
in the lithosphere, sending cascades of trees, flying down
the mountain on fire.   

July 10 2006

jon axelrod

        There were rumors of wide caravans approaching. Deep beneath dust clouds lit from behind by an awakening moon.  Tall spires began to climb, Rotate and fall into place.  I wish to understand the correlation between these structures and the bolts that hold them.  An image representing two parts.  That simultaneously reaches the same conclusion.  I wonder if the bolts feel limited?  There were dirty sounds coming from behind opaque winds.  It seemed to be a large animal kicking up dust, biting down on poisonous plants.  Insulting the smaller ones.

Rough split steel moves in the wind,
The sky becomes torn 
I can now see
A time when the world wasn't finished yet,
When prehistoric creatures were the carpenters of the clouds. 
Walking backwards, grabbing thoughts through the eyes. 
Now experiencing a completely new emotion. 
A new secret
My eyes are open
Tears rush in
Causing me to sit very still. 

Before the carnival came, my eyes were quiet.  Now my legs spin until they grow larger.  Reaching the limit.  My house complains of my big toes and shaking knees. 
So we decided to individually follow lights.  We reached the same destination,
Yet we each experience different sensations.  My home complained of loud sounds,
And urged me to close eyes and hide the expensive furniture.  But it was too late,
The first one to enter was laughing and kissing the ceiling. 
Soon they were tattooing the windows
And making nests out of small plants in the corner.

           But it wasn't enough.  I felt empty. I had to find out if the bolts wanted to be part of another structure.  I wanted to speak to the smallest ones.  To watch their ears turn towards me and absorb several frequencies.
In return I would listen to years of silence.  Unfortunately, most of the bolts didn't talk, except for one, which seemed to be preparing to speak.

 I want to breath; To watch distant beings approach and revolve around complex dreams.
  To watch awakened children gather their thoughts and climb up towards

Upon hearing this, I decided to take it with me.  I don't know why, it was smaller than my fist but,
Heavier than my eyes
It tasted like underwater plants? Yet, the words reminded me of my own image reflected by a large bubble.
The sun was beginning to open
Intensifying her projection.
I could hear the faint breath of my home.
I had forgotten
I closed the windows.

April 28 2004

  jon axelrod              jon axelrod

The sun and clouds do battle.
Blood pours across the sky
Providing an orange glow that did not exist previously.
Now fading, the sun burns up.
For a moment I can see lights of unimaginable wavelengths.
A crisp white split by the red blur of a sparrow.

A long purple cloud is outlined by glowing embers.
Fading upwards
The tops of the clouds radiate like the prism, which is a woman.
Below this long purple cloud
The furnace of the sky radiates anger.
Never before have I seen sunbeams so low to the earth.
If I could only touch white velvet sun rays
And pour purple dreams into your ears.
My anticipation leaks out into the monotone blueness of the sky.
A dark cloud protects my desire.

Small tufts of grass bounce off the floor.
Exploding into innumerable lines and dots, which float.
I watch the water, which is a mirror
Bend and roll over
Distorting a sunset, which has begun to loose its fire.
Cold blues and purple mix with every object.
Creating a color and environment unique to this moment.


jon axelrod


Raptor claws that bristle and spin radiance through a camouflaged bone yard organized into crystal rings of overlap. Metamorphosis with detailed ridges and furrows of worry.  Strength and determinacy of observation when a turquoise beetle with gigantic eye spots on the pedestal falls. Wing examinations reflected by water in the air and furry insects that protect us, useless against the miracle of flight. Venom that floats and vibrates the helmet of a war beetle. Hairs that separate openings and extensions. Fleshy exoskeleton that is still fresh, while curiosities watch legs separate and flatten. Transparent text spikes and curls into its nest. Beauty and growth coils of flesh keep warm within biome potentials. Pollen grains compress gravity in the dark and termites create intricate fractals of traffic and chamber iridescence. Opened body display and albino rarities burst reflections off of black night sticks that spin and radiate danger specks flecks of cold are young and closed in the sun. Owl scales elongate and hide color, into coils of vine illusion, crab filaments unfurl and collect yellow and black. Red wing stems and baby parasites turn red and black or flatten venom packets and implements of suction. Eye full emerald egg shell particles that curve gently. The impatience for the leap into the void of awareness, total sensitivity to each body part as a  tool for movement. Floating moon mirrors ascend.

April 13 2006

jon axelrod

Turquoise fern pasture, buried beneath quivering leaves and moaning clouds that pour shadows into the eyes of bewitched children playing on the ridges of Everest.  Watching the world slip thought the spiral arms of the universe bursting with, gravitational delicacy, as the fires inside the celestial send shock waves move across the sun of blue green flames. 

Fantastical lizards equip their egg helmet parachute gargoyle for underground surveillance.  reindeer hemisphere attached to outer space alien observatory, extreme lights boiling synapse,until daylight leaves a planetesimal's dark side blue with cosmic life indicators.  Baby brontosaurus's eyelid heavy with crystal flowers freeze dried and dust in the wind.  pounced until woozy plus upside down sometimes.  optically bizarre Nightingale pronounced unlimited. Wind less helicopter spreading ocean currents with down drafts

August 17 2007

jon axelrod

Grumpy thunder sequence
Earth quake foam
And startled parrots
that occasionally
fly into caves

 Green moon rock discovery hoax

 The trapeze nightmare
Is an unraveling fountain substance

 It touches the ember
and relaxes the non-living
Dance apparatus.
?Feed glowing triangles
to the skeletons of macaw birds?
Reassembled Macaw
structure to
aerial misfortune.   

 Floating currents of fragmented
Space explorations intended
To discover the invisible

 Torrential winds layered
With volcanic spices

 Flower, Chip. Split
Cleave, Sing

 Carnival of dinosaur eyes
footprints. - weak crunch

 The red tongued
humming bird feast

Humming bird reproduction


jon axelrod

Rubber band honey, dipped in marmalade whiskers of goose bumps sending waves across the ocean of a belly burnt, warm, pink, and brown eyes dreaming through the sand on a beach that equals the number of stars in the skin.  sky covered pineapples, squished between toes for luck near the beach cliff.  harmonious memories tingle between telepathic angles of 360 degrees around the sun with electromagnetic sails that protect us.   

Red oak bouncing on iron deaf barrier several times, when copper tubes rattle back and forth breaking time into a exponential sequence until silence.  The ocean hisses static across the screen of terra firma, an evolutionary big bang interference signal speckled with melodious mutations.  Arrow wings float harmony between spheres interlaced between thread on a bird head rest.  a perpetual awareness device, the interactor of cosmic scale to uncover.

August 2007